I’m in “northern” Sweden for the next week or so coding the in laws. I’ve been here for a week and jet lag is still kicking my ass.

I’m driving around a 1960's(?) Massey Furgeson 35x tractor doing of things around the “farm” to help out. Also trying to get a Briggs and Stratton tiller from the 70's(?) to run for the first time in who knows how long.


What do you want to know about an old as tractor?

The tiller doesn’t seem to be getting spark. Knocked the rust of the magnet and the coil(?) pack. Getting up to ten volts at the spark plug end of the spark plug wire but the plug doesn’t seem to actually spark. It will shock you if you pull start it with your handle on the plug. Neighbour put fresh gas in it and we put a new plug in it today. I think it needs a carb rebuild and the ignition system went through.


AMA or advice on bringing an old 5HP Briggs back to life.


“Northern” Sweden is geographically in the middle but it never really gets dark. Has that pink glow just before daybreak and right after the sunset all night.


The farm isn’t really a farm anymore but the neighbour uses the field for hay and a tractor is in the barn. Close enough for me.

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